Imagine you have had a drive failure and you have lost all your Wedding Photographs!

You possibly have them backed up somewhere on a USB. What if this USB is also corrupt?

Can you face loosing some of your Wedding Photographs?

Getting a Wedding Album

The scenario above might sound a bit drastic, however is not far from the truth. Only in the last couple of months, I had couples coming back to me saying that they lost their Wedding Photographs.

Thankfully, I take care of having multiple copies of your photographs, including cloud and off-line storage. However, technology is moving forward, and old ways of storing files are going away, do you remember CDs and DVDs?

Same thing goes about cloud storage providers, like Dropbox, Amazon etc. What warranty do we have that they will be here in 10-20-30 years time?

It’s important for me that you print your photographs. That is why I have included the most important photos in your USB Box. As much as I personally adore looking at how I documented Your Wedding Day, Family photos are the ones that have extra meaning.

Think about your Grandchildren. You will be grateful to have a beautiful and timeless Wedding Album that you can show it to them, and not some old school USB that might be unreadable in 40 years time.

Invest in your memories...

Google boss, Vint Cerf, says ‘Print out your photos!’.

Vint Cerf has warned that we may be entering a new 'digital dark age' and we are facing a loss of our digital data.I would strongly advise to invest in a quality album that will last for generations to come.

As much as I take care of storing your photographs in my archivesmake sure to have some of the images printed in the album.

Ordering a Wedding Album

Getting a beautiful album from me is much simpler than you think. I will not ask you to do much, apart from enjoying the process with a glass of wine (or perhaps a bottle ;-))

Once you are happy to go ahead with your Album, all you have to do is to let me know. That simple.

I will start to work on an initial layout of your Album. Years of experience has taught me what images are likely to be picked for your Album. I might not be 100% right, however I will be close.

Instead of me asking You to pick 150 images for the album, I am going to predesign it and show it to You in a beautiful form. All you have to do is, go through each spread and make comments if you would like to change anything. It’s really simple! I have recorded a quick video how that can be done.

Did I mention that Special Offer?

30% OFF base price album

once you order your album in the next 30 days

10x10 inch

15 spreads
€560incl. shipping
  • Included:
  • 10x10 inch size
  • 15 spreads (30 pages)
  • Linen Pouch
  • Matching Box
  • Free Design
  • Free Shipping

12x12 inch

15 spreads
€700incl. shipping
  • Included:
  • 12x12 inch size
  • 15 spreads (30 pages)
  • Linen Pouch
  • Matching Box
  • Free Design
  • Free Shipping

Parents Albums

Two Copies with Matching Design
€6002 x 10x10 inch
  • Included:
  • Matching Design
  • Linen Pouch
  • Matching Box
  • Free Design
  • Free Shipping

Additional spreads

€25per spread
  • max 60 spreads


€20per item
  • Laser Etching / Photo Cover / etc.

Additional Spreads

€0per parents set
  • Matching design to the main album

All sounds good to me, but...

What is your most popular album package?

I want to get best value for money!

Invest in Quality and Durability

Of course! Everyone has the budget for the Wedding Album. Most of my couples love to pick a 12×12 Fine Art Album with an average of 36 spreads in it.

Normally you would pay €1525 for such a beauty, however if you order within next 30 days, you will get it for €1225 (30% OFF your base album + additional 21 spreads at €25 each). It may sound a lot of money, however don’t forget you invest in a peace of mind for the lifetime.

Price includes:

  • shipping
  • beautiful matching box
  • linen pouch to keep your album secure
  • entire design process

Price excludes:

  • additional bottles of wine ;)

Once you give me green light to start to work on your Album, I will send you all the details on how you can truly customise your beautiful Book!

Sit back, relax, and let's start to put your album together.

Let's do it! I want one!