I’m really proud to show You a Destination Wedding where I was a second photographer. That has allowed me to really slow down, enjoy the Wedding and capture images I would otherwise not be able to. I was allowed to do anything and so I did. I am not going to show you a full story as it would be shot by a main photographer. Instead, I will show you a Wedding shot from a Second Photographer perspective only.

I was second shooting for my good friend Lukasz from Projekt35.pl. And I must say we had so much fun. Not only because we were able to communicate without words, but also because Ania and Marcin were awesome people to work with. Having an outdoor ceremony with beautiful polish mountains in the background only added to what already was an amazing Day.

Ania, Marcin. I’m really grateful that you have let me into your life for 3 days. It was an awesome experience I will not forget. You were so brave to do things your own way and that really has paid off. Thanks again!

If you are curious about seeing the entire story, head over to Lukasz’s blog.