Chantal + Joe – Brigits Garden Wedding Galway

Infectious Smile. Definitely. My cheekbones hurt a lot after this Wedding. And all thanks to somehow super relaxed souls, Chantal and Joe that were surrounded by super relaxed family and friends. Even when I accidentally spilled a coffee over the bridesmaid’s bra (that’s why it’s hanging at the window and, yes, the bra was on the ground ;-)) and important paperwork, it did not take a tiny bit of a smile of Chantal’s face. I was saved this time.

Ever thought of having a wedding ceremony in the heart of Celtic Heritage? Outside? With the rain forecasted for the afternoon? how much ivermectin topical to give a dog With a lot of guests? And few pass-by spectators? Umbrellas on stand-by? Chantal and Joe said yes to all of the above and they created a truly magical spectacle. So genuine. So like them. Seeing a ceremony that felt so right for them has shown how important it is to listen to your inner voice that tells you what is right for you.

And I forgot to mention we’ve got a lot of time to shoot some portraits together. durvet 1 ivermectin for sale Of course all the family photos had to be done pretty quick (I love to do them, really!), but then we went for a stroll around the garden, trying to find some hidden gems and interesting light. But most importantly, newlyweds could chill out and spend time together before the madness of the evening. using ivermectin in tresaderm for ear mites in dogs

And the evening was crazy! With flip flops at the side of the dance floor, the night was going to be really busy!

I’m somehow amazed by the vibrations and the energy that Chantal and Joe share around them. So genuine and caring.. so positive. I felt really privileged to be a part of such an amazing day. I hope to meet more people like them in my life. Chantal, Joe, Thanks so much for inviting me into Your Big Day. I came back home loaded with positive energy, so I can transfer it over to my family.