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Let's design something beautiful! Together!

I completely understand, how long it takes to select the images for your Album. Trying to visualise how will they land on each spread, what should you or should you not include and many other challenges that you will face.

I believe you should enjoy this part of your post Wedding wrap up. There is nothing better than sitting together with a glass (or perhaps a bottle) of wine and looking at photographs from your Wedding again and again, relieving the day, and trying to visualise how your Wedding Album will look.

I will take you through the entire design process, from start to finish, so you actually enjoy the time of moving photographs around each spread.

Sit back, relax, and let's start to put your album together.

Designing beautiful


1. Reviewing each spread

I believe that you have got an access to this page, because I have sent you a link to your provisional album design. You probably wonder “what the heck should I do now?”

The short informative video will show you how to quickly note and submit any changes for my review. I work really fast, so you can expect to hear from me within 48 hours from your submission.

Once I amend the layout, I will send you another email saying, that you can go and review your updated layout again.

We will work together very closely to make sure the album looks exactly how you want. Why do I choose to design an initial layout of the album? Answer is simple: making small tweaks to the already existing layout is much easier and much more enjoyable for You, rather than choosing all the images from scratch. I found overtime, what images should land in the album to make it a beautiful art piece and I’m usually ~80% right.

Once you are happy with the layout, just hit the 'Approve' button and go to step number two.



2. Pick your Cover style

Once your album layout is finalised, the next step is to figure out, what cover should you go with. Again, to make it as enjoyable as possible, I suggest to look through all the available options below and send me your idea. I will be able to come up with a visualisation, how the album cover may look.

Once you are happy with what you have chosen, you can fill out the form below so we are clear on the final design of the album.


Colibri Linens

Embossing: YES. Laser etching: YES. Photostripe: YES. 3/4 Binding: YES. Cameo: YES.

Natural Linens

Embossing: NO. Laser etching: NO. Photostripe: YES. 3/4 Binding: YES. Cameo: YES.

Premium Pastels

Embossing: YES. Laser etching: NO. Photostripe: YES. 3/4 Binding: YES. Cameo: YES.

Genuine Italian Leather

Embossing: YES. Laser etching: NO. Photostripe: NO. 3/4 Binding: NO. Cameo: YES.


Embossing: YES. Laser etching: NO. Photostripe: YES. 3/4 Binding: YES. Cameo: YES.


3/4 Binding

Very wide version of the photostripe where the phostripe wraps around the front-right corners as well.


A blend of fabric cover and a photostripe. You can specify both the width and placement of the stripe. The photostripe is placed on the same level as the fabric. There is no “hump” when you run your hand over the cover.


Cameo is a frame within the cover where we can put any image you want. That image is covered with scratch free laminate.


Great and simple way to personalise the cover. We have one modern sans-serif font. It’s 1cm in height for capital letters. 23 characters max per 1 line.
Natural linens can’t be embossed because the result is barely visible. For them we recommend photostripe, 3/4 biding or cameo.

Laser Etching

We use high energy beam of light to burn on the surface of the cover/box. Result greatly depends on the type of the cover. Laser looks absolutely stunning on colibri linens.
Most of the leathers burn into dark brown – some smudging can be observed.
Natural linens, record and leatherlike can’t be laser engraved because the result is yellowish. Not great.


10x10 inch

15 spreads
€800incl. shipping
  • Included:
  • 15 spreads (30 pages)
  • Linen Pouch
  • Matching Box
  • Free Design
  • Free Shipping

12x12 inch

15 spreads
€1000incl. shipping
  • Included:
  • 15 spreads (30 pages)
  • Linen Pouch
  • Matching Box
  • Free Design
  • Free Shipping

Parents Albums

Two Copies with Matching Design
€6002 x 10x10 inch
  • Included:
  • Matching Design
  • Linen Pouch
  • Matching Box
  • Free Design
  • Free Shipping

Additional spreads

€25per spread
  • max 60 spreads


€20per item
  • Laser Etching / Photo Cover / etc.

Additional Spreads

€0per parents set
  • Matching design to the main album