Gail + Philip – Cloughjordan House Wedding

Gail and philip’s wedding will be in my heart for a very long time. This was one of the weddings that has really shown me the importance of listening to people that you meet. It also shown me to stay focused and open my heart to stories that come with every wedding – stories that are really important to the couples.

Gail and Philip planned their wedding for July of this year. However, unexpected news of Philip’s mother’s health condition pushed them to change the date so she could still be there with all the guests when she will get better. And she was. I could feel her presence throughout the day. Unfortunately she passed away couple of weeks before the rescheduled date of wedding.

When I met Philip and his dad in the morning in Cloughjordan House, everything seemed normal and nothing was out of the ordinary. Up until Philip has set the date and time on his watch for the exact time his mom had passed away. That was the first sign for me that this day will be really special and that Philip’s mother will be present with us in the hearts of every single person there.

Ceremony was really emotional. Between smiles and tears, I could feel the presence of some beautiful energy that surrounded each and every one of us. That was her. Tears rolled from many of us (including me) while our hearts felt the presence.

During the speeches, Philip mentioned that his mother told to him she would shine the sun down at them on their wedding day. And so it looks like she decided to ignore the weather forecast of thunder and rain for that day, because the sun never stopped shinning, giving us a lot of sun burns. At that time I felt like going out and capturing a portrait of Philip’s mum (that’s why an image of sun during the speeches). I just felt I had to react to what I was hearing.

Why am I sharing this story? I’m not sure myself to be honest. I just feel it’s one of those stories that is important to share and to show how important it is to listen to people on their wedding days. Without me listening to all that, I would not be able to capture the day the way I did.

I’m really grateful that I had a free date when Gail and Philip changed their plans and I could be there with them. I had an opportunity to live some exciting story and meet incredible people at the big change of their lives. It has also shown me the importance of staying close with your parents because they will be gone one day. Make the most out of that relationship.