Getting ready for Your Engagement Shoot!

Getting ready for Your Engagement Shoot!

Yay! You are getting really close to the Big Day now. The Engagement shoot is a fantastic way to meet each other and interatc on a personal level which in turn will get you used to being in front of the camera, to relax about the whole part of being photographed all day, but most importantly, to have great fun and spend quality time with your other half ;-)  This way, you will know what to expect from me on the Wedding Day and how to interact with each other in order for me to capture these beautiful moments.

This article will help you to prepare for the shoot, answer any questions that you may have and let you feel positively nervous about the whole experience :-)

#01 Location + Time

Location is important. It may be personal to you (your first date or proposal location, favourite Cafe, city landscape, or perhaps more natural (in the woods/beach type) or maybe something completely random. I always work with what I am given and try to come up with something creative no matter where we are. I also love challenges so it’s a great opportunity to create something unique.

The time of the day is also very important. Sunny mornings are beautiful, but I prefer to shoot in the evening. Approx. 2 hrs before the sunset, we will either have a beautiful overcast evening or beautifully lit warm tones coming from the sun. It’s important for all of us to be on time so we do not waste precious time. If you prefer your Engagement Shoot to happen during the day, either a shaded area or an overcast day is best for that time.

Getting ready for Your Engagement Shoot!

#02 Clothes + Props

I’m sure you have a lot of questions about what to wear on your photoshoot. The most important thing is to FEEL absolutely BEAUTIFUL in the clothes you wear. Once you are comfortable with what you are wearing you will relax and enjoy the shoot even more. I love clothes with a natural feel but styled in a way you would not wear it on a typical day. A flowy dress, pastel and solid colours, jeans tends to photograph beautifully. But don’t let that limit you, small little things can make a big difference: like scarfs, hats, sunglasses etc. Make sure that you both connect in terms of clothing. I love when couples put extra thought into how they look during their Engagement shoot. Also, think about the location, where we are going to shoot. Nothing worse than wearing high heals in the forest ;-) Think about layering your clothes in a smart way, and don’t forget about accessories. Also, if we plan a shoot in two locations, why not bring different clothing for different locations? That gives us variety in the images, and there is no problem in changing clothes in the boot of the car, trust me I’ve done this often!!!

In terms of props, why not to bring something personal and unique to you, something that can describe you. Blanket/quilt, picnic kit, your instruments or simply anything that reflects you, your hobbies or things you like to enjoy doing together.

Getting ready for Your Engagement Shoot!

#03 Make up + Hair

Keep it simple but also think about the clothing you are going to wear. No need for evening makeup when we go into forest. On another note, why not look posh if we do a glamorous and elegant shoot on the streets? Think about the theme and act accordingly. Fake lashes are a no-no and I would try to stick to matte makeup, so we get no reflections. I love volume when it comes to hair, as it creates a beautiful background for various options. Also, bring a hairbrush with you just in case.

Getting ready for Your Engagement Shoot!Getting ready for Your Engagement Shoot!

#04 Positive Energy

This is the most important part! Let’s share a bit of love with each other, share smiles, giggles and let you enjoy the shoot. Keeping the shoot on a very personal level will help us all relax and create a beautiful art piece :-)

Getting ready for Your Engagement Shoot!

I hope all of the above will help you prepare for the shoot, but more importantly, enjoy it. It is a fantastic way to spend a bit of time together, while being photographed :-) You can find my Inspiration Board on Pinterest. Focus on clothing, accessories, locations.