Jonas Peterson Workshop ~ Dublin Ireland ~ Documentary Photography

Story telling in pure form… this is how I would summarise a workshop that I had an opportunity to attend recently. Jonas Peterson is amongst greatest Wedding Photographers in the World. I could not miss his arrival to Dublin to teach a very small group of Photographers about his craft and how he has become so successful. I was surprised to find so many experienced photographers in the group, which thought me about how important, the story telling, today is.

“Tell the story from your inner heart.”

Arriving to the studio was really exciting, small sign at the door informed me that I reached my destination, yet my new journey was just about to start. I knew, once I go up the stairs, I would come out inspired, charged with energy, ready for changes to be a better person.

I walked into a room. I sat on a comfortable sofa. Jonas started to tell his story. I had so many questions to ask. Why do we do what we do ? What is the purpose of it ?  How to become better at it ? How to tell story in much more detail ? How to be precise at expressing myself through the imagery ? All the questions were answered.

“Real stories makes us happy.”

I was never a good writer. Expressing myself using still images is my way of showing how I see the World. How I feel the World. This is an opportunity now to become better at describing how I feel. Create a real connection with my couples. Become a better listener. Add words to truly emotional, photographic stories. Create higher quality content for my followers. So many goals, so many new questions, new vision, new challenges.

“Challenge the norms.”

Documentary Wedding Photography enters new era. Era of skilled professionals who want to challenge the obvious. Be different. Be unique. Deliver fantastic experience and original content. Stop ticking the boxes during Weddings and start to shoot them in a very personal way.

“Describe emotions that you feel.”

Jonas, I would like to Thank You as this is the very first time for me to be so descriptive on my blog. You shown me how to become a better story teller. You have proven that it is time now to stop comparing myself to other photographers. You have challenged all of us attending the workshop. You are a living example of being successful by being simply yourself. Thank you for your time.

Jonas Peterson Workshop ~ Dublin Ireland ~ Documentary Photography