L + D ~ Flashback ~ Wedding Photography ~ Ireland

Getting published in Photo Vogue is pretty awesome, specially when it’s Wedding related ! This image comes from beautiful irish wedding ceremony in Fort Camden Meagher and in Bunnyconnellan Restaurant. In the middle of the reception, I grabbed Laura and David for a quick walk around the beach. They got a bit of time for themselves just before the looong evening. As we were walking down, we could hear plenty of people on the beach. Instead of backing up, we decided to go for it. The image that is below was created with one of my favourite words – ‘awkwardness’ in mind. I love to create images that questions reality, gives another layer to a Wedding Photography, there is something more under the surface, lets you stop to think about what happened before, what is happening now, and what is about to happen on a next frame. Still love this wedding, and Laura and David were phenomenal. Such a positive souls full of love and goodness in their hearts. Thank you guys ! 

Laura-and-David-in-Vogue-Beautiful-Irish-Wedding-Ceremony-in-Cork-and-Bunnyconnellan L + D ~ Flashback ~ Wedding Photography ~ Ireland