Once upon a time, I met a wonderful couple. Let me present you one of my favourite Weddings. Everything seemed to work from start to finish. Couple, Venue (Tankardstown House Wedding), Weather, Light, Couple again. Light was fabulous all day for us, including a stunning sunset in the evening – the good weather let us hang around outside for the entire day,  the venue and their hospitality is top notch, such a fantastic, unique place to be.

Why was the couple so awesome? Where shall I start. From the moment I walked into to the bedroom, I was not treated just as another vendor. I was their friend. A really close friend. I had their full trust. I was allowed to do absolutely anything I wanted, without any pressure on getting any particular shots. The amount of time I got for the creative part was more than I have ever asked for. ivermectin injectable given orally human  The care and love that I have received from both Leona and Aidan was really inspiring. biogaran ivermectine The connection between them is really special, I would say unique to them. ivermectin publix Two hearts that beat at the same pace. Amazing. And just to top it up, a lot of DIY details made by Leona and her fabulous dress from Anna Campbell ;-). I could go on for ever about how Leona and Aidan made the day so special, but I’m sure this is visible in the story below.

Wedding was featured on LoveMyDress Wedding Blog.