Dear 2016 Brides & Grooms:

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! This was a really crazy Year for me. Shooting 60+ Weddings, attending workshops, speaking at workshops, had my first YouTube Interview, one-on-one mentoring sessions and much more in personal life. You, dear Brides & Grooms of 2016, simply rock! You have allowed me into your personal lives. I have become a witness of one of your most important days in the entire life. I was really close by. Sometimes it felt that I am too close and that these intimate moments should only be shared with the two of you, but you opened up your hearts to me to make sure I capture that love. That was such an honour to be with all of You. Past twelve months were really emotional for me. Witnessed a lot of cries, laughs and moments that make you think about the whole life. I hope the images that I produced, from the moments that I have witnessed, will be with You for ever. That these images will help you to relive your Wedding Day again. In the most emotional way. Through my eyes.

Dear 2017 Brides & Grooms:

Oh Hello! There are so many of You already and I’m really looking forward to meeting you all. I’m charged and ready to witness more love! I’m really honoured to be invited to so many incredible Wedding days. Some even happening abroad! I know for sure that 2017 will bring even more excitement to my life, and I hope that I will produce images that will bring a tiny bit of excitement back to Yours! I’m really looking forward to see what next year is going to bring. For sure, it will be a super positive year!

Dear 2018 Brides & Grooms:

You have probably got engaged or you are planning to do it this Christmas ;-) I just wanted to let you know, that I am really honoured that you consider me to document your Wedding… If you like what I have produced this year, why not to get in touch to see if I’m available on your date. My 2018 calendar is filling really fast now, so I do not want to disappoint you. Bring on the adventure!

199 seconds through my eyes. Speakers on. Full screen.

There is more! Look below.

If a slideshow was simply not enough, below you will find an extended showcase of some of my favourite images from 2016. It’s about the people and their stories that are in the photographs. I was only a witness of the moment, lucky enough to capture that exact moment in frame.