New Venture. Irish Wedding Photography Ireland

Hello 2016 ! It was an absolute honour to display some of my best images from previous season here on my blog. As the booking season has started, I wanted to make sure, potential brides and grooms can see the sort of work I do.

As I plan to change my website over coming weeks, I will only post teasers every week to showcase what is coming over, when the new website is up and running. That is why, I also decided to have a discount on my full day packages until end of February. Hope that will help you out to make up your mind. Please be mindful there are few dates left for 2016 and 2017 is booking fast as well.

I’m really excited to showcase weddings that I shot over Christmas Season. I met so many positive people, and I hope to share their energy with you all.

I plan to be even more awkward this year. I also plan to travel more and finally explore destination weddings, all that will be available on my new website. Thanks so much to all the followers and let the 2016 be a super positive year to all of You !

New Venture. Irish Wedding Photography Ireland New Venture. Irish Wedding Photography Ireland