When we began to plan our wedding one of the most impo rtant aspects for us was to secure a quality photographer. Photography play s a big role in our lives and was one of the things that brought us togethe r so having a photographer we could trust with our wedding was paramount. W e wanted the photographs to capture the day as it was, especially since we opted not to have a video on the day. For some it might have been difficult but Tomasz managed to wonderfully capture the mood and emotions of this ve ry special day for us. The documentary style we looked for might not suit everybody but we love seeing ourselves as we were and the day as it was. Tw o weeks after receiving the photographs we still look at them every day and discover something new we like. We know that they will be a beautiful meme nto for us to cherish and we have Tomasz to thank for that. Tomasz we very professional and friendly right from our first meeting and this really help ed us on the day to be more relaxed and enjoy the day safe in the knowledge that he had everything under control. Also he was very efficient with his work which allowed us to spend less time in front of the camera and most of the time chatting to our friends and family. Indeed he worked like a ninja at times and managed to get great natural images of people without them kn owing or realizing he was anywhere near. He is a great guy and an amazing p hotographer with a fantastic eye for detail and composition. He spent time with both of us that morning and was very respectful to everyone he intera cted with on the day, this also helped us all to be very relaxed and natura l and this comes across wonderfully in the hundreds of images he supplied u s with. We would highly recommend him as a photographer and we couldn ’t be happier with the work he has done for us.

Kamila & Lorcan – 5.07.2016