I have tried to write this testimonial several times, but I keep deleting it and starting over… I’m really struggling to put into words how wonderful Tomasz is. From the first time we saw his w ork online, we knew he was special… I don’t know what it is, but there is a certain quality to his photos that sets them apart from others we had seen. That evening I sent the first of many, MANY emails (poor Tomas z!). He was fantastic to deal with and never left you waiting long for a re ply. There was quite a lot of messing about before we settled on a date, bu t Tomasz never complained. The week before the wedding we had a chat over t he phone and put together a rough idea of how the day was going to go. When he arrived on the morning of the wedding, the lack of space in the hotel r oom didn’t faze him one bit (there were 7 women plus clothes, shoes, h air and make-up tools everywhere!) and he somehow managed to float around t he room capturing gorgeous moments without us even noticing him. That was h ow it went for the rest of the day. He got every smile, every tear and ever y chuckle… all without being ‘in your face’. He is so unbel ievably good at his job that when you look at the photos, you’d swear there were three of him. I don’t know how he managed to be everywhere at once, but he did! It is so obvious how much he loves his job, too. I rea lly can’t say enough good things about him. People are still raving ab out him a month later, and our photos are just magical. Each photo brings y ou right back to that brief moment in time, which would be forgotten about long ago if it weren’t for Tomasz. We could not be happier with our ch oice of photographer, and we would recommend him to anyone. Thank you, Toma sz! We love you!

Chantal & Joe – 27.08.2016