It was unobtrusive from the start, we weren’t aware of many of the photos taken and this allowed us to be more natural in ourselves. Tomasz had a knack of making us both relax, even when taking photos that would ordinarily be more awkward to take, these seemed perfectly normal. All our guests loved him and he really formed part of our day, as though he was one of the guests we already knew, which is a skill in itself. The photos themselves are incredible, we cannot express the feeling we get when we look at them, they make the day even more special, especially after the fact. The photos are far beyond what we though could be achieved on the day, even with the amazing weather and we are very lucky to have been able to avail of his services for our day. We are so glad that he was the person to record all those details for us and present them in such a fantastic, natural, and all encompassing narrative visually. We couldn’t be more pleased with them!

Aislinn + Martin – 1.10.2016