Tomasz is an amazing photographer with an unique style and an innate ability to almost because invisible on the day, blending seamlessly into the ceremony and celebrations.

As a bride, getting ready with my mother and bridesmaid was a really special and really intimate experience. Not only was Tomasz able to capture this perfectly in pictures, he made the whole experience so comfortable. Not for one single second did I feel like a stranger was involved in such a personal moment. If anything he made it even more special.

Whether it was capturing the interactions between the guests or spending time taking shots of myself and my husband Tomasz caught all the moments, disarming any awkwardness and helping everyone relax.

He is a funny mix. On one hand he is very casual and doesn’t feel like typical wedding photographer. One the other, he is a hard working professional that takes his craft incredibly seriously. He arrived an hour earlier than agreed to scout out locations coming up with Plan A and Plan B in case of good weather or rain.

After the wedding we had received a few teaser pics within a few days. In no time at all Tomasz had done a slideshow for us and another few weeks later we got a huge collection of some amazing pictures. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Natalia & Donal – 27.05.2017