What can we say, Tomasz really knows how to capture a story! And we’re so delighted he came the whole way to France to capture ours!!

We came across his work while trying to decide whether to get married in Ireland or in France and although we were undecided about the destination one thing was for sure from the moment we saw his photos – “we have to have this guy!!”.

I really don’t like getting my photo taken but in checking out his work I didn’t find any awkward looking photos of the sort you just know there’s a pushy photographer behind the lens. True to his word,Tomasz waits for the photo opportunities, he doesn’t try to create them.

In the run up to the wedding, Tomasz needed one email with the addresses of our place and the wedding venue – that was it. No hassle, no stress, he just rocked up on the day and started taking photos.  And it can’t be easy to fit into someone’s very special and intimate day. But Tomasz’ personality is such that he does it with ease and elegance facilitating natural photographs that take you right back to the feeling and emotion of the moment.

As for the results, well, we were stunned. He waits. He captures. He excels. He tells.
We’re so grateful Tomasz. Thank you so much for telling our special story Xx

Keiva & Jean-Luc – Chateau de Preisch, France