I found Tomasz’ blog after searching through a lot of photographer sites. The thing for me that set Tomasz’ work apart so far from the rest was the story telling aspect of it. It all felt very real and emotional. I kid you not I found myself welling up at photographs of complete strangers (my husband thought I was crazy!). What I loved most was nothing felt staged and the moments spoke for themselves instead of being created for a photo op.

Tomasz was really easy to deal with beforehand – he had proposed to head into the woods for pictures but I was worried about getting my dress dirty before the ceremony.  Tomasz’ biggest concern was that we were comfortable and relaxed on the day which I really appreciated and he suggested another alternative which worked out perfectly.

On the day itself Tomasz was just brilliant, he wasn’t at all intrusive, always in the background snapping away. When in came to our portraits Mark and I were kind of dreading it; we thought we’d more than likely be super awkward with a camera in our face. Tomasz general demeanor and instructions helped us relax and it was not at all awkward in the end.

Our photos are phenomenal – they just perfectly captured the feeling of our day – so may happy memories and small moments that I have relived again and again since. And of course there were plenty of happy tears when we first got them.  Thanks again Tomasz we will treasure them forever!

Gillian & Mark 2.02.2018