My Equipment

Equipment For Wedding Photographers

Hey! I would love to share some love with all the suppliers that help me with day to day operations of running my business. Please be mindful some links include affiliate programs as well as referral links.


marketing hero 850

Nikon D850

My main workhorse. Main camera for taking most of the images. Built as a tank. Superb quality. Perfect camera for me.

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marketing hero D750 mobile

Nikon D750

My second body on the side. Used mostly with 50mm and 85mm lens. Loving the image quality, AF and low light image quality.

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20mm f1 4 dg hsm a 412 1cc

Sigma Art 20mm f1.4

I usually use this lens for massive group photo, bridal entrance for dinner and dances at night. Loving the sharpness of all Sigma lenses.

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35mm f1 4 dg hsm a 340 17e

Sigma Art 35mm f1.4

My all around lens. Used for pretty much everything. I love it’s bokeh at 1.4, sharpness (in the middle of frame ;)) and AF speed.

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50mm f1 4 dg hsm a 311 907

Sigma Art 50mm f1.4

My second lens for the day. Small yet very distinctive difference between 35mm. Absolutely loving the quality of images coming out from this lens.

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Nikon 2195 AF S NIKKOR 85mm f 1 4G 729952

Nikon 85mm f1.4G

My go to lens for large churches and speeches. Sharpness at 1.4 is spectacular and bokeh that no other lens can reproduce.

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Nikon 4808 SB 700 Speedlight Shoe Mount 734997

Nikon sb700

Two of them to help me with poor lighting at drink reception or speeches. Also using them on the dance floor quite heavily.

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61j9NyQvfXL. SX575

Pixel King Pro Triggers

60m range, remote settings, very good build quality, this is my go to trigger for the first dance images.

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Dot Line DL MEX N Manual Extension Tube Set 824797

Neewer Macro Tubes

My choice for macro shots of jewellery. I usually use them with my S35mm lens.

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lexar lsd128crbna10002 pro 1000x uhs 2 1090745

Lexar SD Cards

My personal preference for SD Cards. Never had an issue with them.

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wh2 bk 3hcce4be 02

Eneloop Pro

My choice for AA Batteries for flashes.

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6xj6oVEETLqV. UX300 TTW

Fast Battery Charger

Fast charging AA & AAA batteries hasn’t been any easier.

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lexar lrwhr2rbna workflow thunderbolt2 hub 1060363

Lexar HR2

USB 3.0 tower for multiple memory cards and SSD drives.

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61SC4nfrpFL. SY355

Synology DS918+

NAS Storage for all of my work.

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8173LFBI8 L. SX679

WD Red Drives

HDD Drives for Synology NAS Storage.

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PFS T5 Product Image 720x772 v1

Samsung T5 SSD

1TB SSD Drive for current editing.

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holdfast gear mm02 wb bu money maker water buffalo 964821

HF MoneyMaker

The best system to carry up to 3 cameras on you for the entire day.

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holdfast gear elp01 ol l explorer lens pouch olive with 1429550402000 1138400

HoldFast Pouch

Pouch that will fit two lenses, batteries and cards. All I need for a Wedding.

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Holdfast Gear pb01 ch s Photo Belt Chestnut Leather 900539

Holdfast Belt

My go to belt to carry HF Pouch on my hip.

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Think Tank Bag

Retrospective 30 for travelling with MacBook Pro and one camera. Goes as personal bag onto a plane.

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software / cloud



Software for designing beautiful Wedding Albums.

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Software for designing beautiful Slideshows.

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Cloud Software for proofing album designs with my couples.

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preview 810416cd3adee84e5e89832c112e36d5

Adobe CC

Photoshop & Lightroom in Classic Version.

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Unknown 2


Cloud Storage. Very useful fore remote work and real time sync.

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images 1


Bringing Mail in OSX to a whole new level. Scheduling of emails, confirmation of opened emails and much more.

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Unknown 1


Speeding up my typing on the computer.

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Unknown 3 1


Beautiful Galleries for my couples.

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images 2


Scheduling instagram posts very efficiently.

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Reducing File Sizes without affecting quality.

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Assigning custom keys on standard keyboard in Lightroom.

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Unknown 5


Sign contracts with couples electronically.

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